"Touch" was inspired by how the dye "spills out" on the silk. This is the world of expression, watercolors, color bursts, dynamics, layered spaces... Each layer has a deep personal touch as silk cannot stand negligence and carelessness. Each scarf is unique because it is impossible to reproduce exactly the same pattern. A scarf is the expression of designer’s work and the ability of silk to "spread" colors. The result of this is always unique and unpredictable. Asta has a dream that one day two charming women wearing her hand painted scarves of the same design would meet and decide to play a "find 10 differences" game. 

Collection "Flowers"

This collection is dedicated to flowers. Flowers, their variety and beauty have always been one of the favorite themes of the designer. As the world of flowers is unlimited in terms of colours, forms and textures, this collection will be constantly renewed by new scarves. The picture is created using "guta" reserve that prevents a die from running on the silk and at the same time allows creating a specific design.